Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Two weeks before my birthday in November I decided what I wanted was to tackle a photo shoot.  I also wanted to do it in a week.  So Sunday night I picked Cinderella. Monday I contacted Perry and set the day, and Tuesday the heavy lifting started.

This series was going to be different in many ways from other  shoots.  For one thing we were going to need two dresses.  The "Cleaning Dress" and the "Ball Gown."  I had the cleaning dress made already.  I had designed and sewed it for the Hansel and Gretel photo shoot we had planned, but never made happen.  I wasn't really happy with is as a Gretel dress anyway, it fit the Cinderella concept so much better and it was a great jumping off point.

  Then I headed off to goodwill again and found another beautiful curtain panel. I wanted the dress to look both classic and trendy, which is not the easiest of things to accomplish.  So I figured if I made it mostly structured and added the fishnets later that would do the trick.
The dress took about six hours to make.  Or I thought it had.  I had installed a zipper that I had on hand, it was white, I thought I could hide it.  I was wrong.  It looked awful, so Friday morning after my classes I headed to fabric store and found a matching zipper that look leaps and bounds better.  I also did the accessory shopping, I found the necklace, shoes, and belt at Wetseal, and I didn't break the bank either.  All three items were under thirty bucks.

The it was time for casting.  What is Cinderella without her fairy godmother, and handsome prince.  Like I said I only set myself a week to find people for a Sunday shoot.  I called on a good friend of mine from high school Gary Oak.  He had been keeping tabs on the series since the beginning and he and I had been trying to find a project to do together for a while.  I thought that this would be perfect.  So fortunately he was available and more that willing so we booked him right away.  I couldn't be happier with the finished product.  He is... I would say dreamy, but that is Chris's word so let's go with... dashing and sexy.  Yeah I think Gary deserves two words and those are dashing and sexy.
Mmmmmmm.  That's nice.  I feel happy looking at that picture.

When it was time to cast a fairy godmother there was really only one option.  Bobby Schmeling has been my fairy godmother incarnate almost since the day I met him.  Seriously, this man has put aside his own needs to come to my rescue more times than I can count.  He's one of my dearest friends and I couldn't think of a more appropriate person to fill this role in the shoot.   He was brilliant, but then again, he always is.
It was location scouting time.  I knew we needed an awesome staircase.  I google Milwaukee architecture and found a website that provided names and pictures.  I clicked through about 75 pictures before I found the spot I wanted to use.  It was on Jefferson St.  I hopped a bus and tried to find someone to ask permission to shoot, however the building was vacant.  So I figured that we'd shoot there until someone told us we had to leave.
At one point during the morning of the shoot a cop slowed down in the middle of the pictures.  My heart stopped.  For a second I thought that I was legitimately going to be arrested.  The car slows and the window roles down, the cop looks at us and says, "You had all summer, aren't you cold?"  Then he laughed and drove away. That man is my hero, and if given the opportunity I would like to bake cookies for him one day.

We were also going to need a space for the pre-ball fairy god mother shots.  I had just closed a show at In Tandem Theatre and I knew they had a fantastic fireplace in their backstage. I called them and they were super gracious to let us shoot while they were working on their new set.  I knew we could get everything we needed in an hour and stay out of their way.
Some of my favorite pictures were taken at this space.  Gotta love In Tandem.

Finally we needed a "palace" or at least my take on a palace.  I knew where I wanted to shoot.  However it seemed like the longest of shots.  I wanted to do my Cinderella story at the downtown Hilton.  I figured the worst they could say was no.  So I walked in and right up to the front desk. I introduced myself, and explained the project. I was asked if we should shoot there I hadn't even finished my sentence before the man behind the desk  stopped me.  He held up his hand and said, " I don't care. Do what you want."  I responded confused, "Are you sure you don't need to ask someone else about this?" He went back to working while talking to me, "Are you going to break things?"  "No."  "Are you going to move things?" "No."  "Then I don't care."  Hilton accomplished.

The day of the shoot came super quickly.  I hadn't slept the night before, like every other shoot to this point.  All my boys were on time. Hair and make-up was a breeze and we were off to the first location at Jefferson St.  We set up and started up.  If you'll remember I did say this was November, and it was chilly. Bless Alan Piotrowicz who came to observe the shoot that day.  He ended up serving as more of a PA for everyone, he held coats, carted props, and got coffee. You gotta love him.

Then we headed over to the Hilton.  We set up and drew a nice crowd in the lobby.  Little girls would stop and point, men in business suits with roller suit cases slowed down.  Most of them thought we were doing something for a classy magazine, I didn't have the heart to tell people that we were really just fulfilling my childhood fantasies, so I didn't make eye contact and didn't speak to anyone.

Finally we hit up the In Tandem space, and I dressed down.  We finished by around 2pm and parted ways. It was later that night that I got the first Cinderella loosing her shoe photo.  I loved it, and for the first time I realized that these projects were bigger than a little whim that I had several months ago.  Yeah, this was pretty cool.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whistle While you Work

Gala Night was spectacular.  To all those who made it, thank you so much for all of your support.  To all of those who didn't, it's okay there will another one at the gallery opening at Carte Blache Studios within the next four months or so.  Here's kind of a time line of my day, pictures to follow:

11pm-10:29am: Spent awake pacing, making last minute adjustments.Packed up all of the centerpieces, serving trays, candles, table linens, extra photos, and signage.   General OCD type behavior.

10:30am- Moved all of the accouterments into the car. The branch centerpiece with hanging LED lights didn't want to get in the car, but with some gentle forcing it was persuaded. Bobby Schmeling in all of his amazingness helped cart everything to MGAC.

10:45am- Started hanging our fo-chandelier from a lighting rig.  This consisted of different lengths thread connected to silver Christmas ornaments.  Bobby spent most of this time looking at my butt from the base of the ladder.  He commented on how nice it was, but ultimately not for him.  Then also mentioned how this was wasted on him.

11:45am-  Started setting up tables and and linens.  Tinkered with plate settings for almost a half hour.  Which was pointless because we changed it all later.

12:48pm- Finished setting up the space and moved to LUCI boutique to pick up for the dress forms.  Only four dress forms instead of the promised six.  It was alright I had a fabulous gay man who made it work.  (Bobby not Tim Gunn)

12:58- Arrived back at MGAC, forgot to call Angela Iannone and tell her that I had a ride to pick up the dress forms.  Felt like an idot.  She was gracious enough to forgive me. Still feel bad though.

1:15pm- After profuse apologies to Angela we dressed the forms and headed off to finish errands for the day.

2:03pm- Bobby still did not have wig for the evening we looked at a beauty supply store, found nothing.  Stopped for a brief 20 minutes to eat at Panera, it was super tasty.

2:45- Went to Closet Classics.  Found two wigs for Bobby and jewelry for my costume.  Bobby still wanted to look for more wigs.  Off to Bartz.

3:07- Hit up Bartz got cups for the evening.  No additional wigs for Bobby.

3:28- Pick N' Save.  Beverages and Napkins.  The drinks promised to me for the evening fell through.  Had to make other arrangements. Arrangements that included my wallet.

4:15 Arrived at Bobby's house so he could get cleaned up and gather his costume for the evening. Had a few minutes to sit and chill out for the first time all day.  Watched youtube clips. Bobby showered... naked... I didn't see anything.

5:00-Left Bobby's house.

5:30- Arrived all the way back to my apartment so  I could pick up my costume and all the food. Roommate had promised to do some baking for me.  Couldn't find the treats at my apartment.  Started to freak out.  Went to the freezer, treats were there.  I knew roommate wouldn't let me down.

6:00- Back at the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center.  Started plating and garnishing food.  The whole menu; cucumber sandwiches, feta cranberry spinach roll-ups, Chinese chop salad in won-ton cups, pineapple slices, lemon bars, Hazelnut-caramel-toffee Brownies, and custard tarts (roommate treat).  Took much longer than expected.  Should've expected that. Couple arrived early to the exhibit and walked around while I worked.  Took them three trips around the room before they realized it was me the in the photos.

6:47- Bobby informs me we have no chord to plug in the ipod.  Which means the evening will have no music an result in a cone of silence that would kill the merriment of the evening.

6:55- Alan Piotrowicz and Eric Nutting save the merriment and my sanity by dropping of said ipod chord.

7:04- Finally finshed plating food.  Run backstage to feverishly apply make-up and costume.  Did a really slapdash job.

7:30- Run out to meet and great.  The evening begins.

12:03- Evening ends, arrive home.  Had a lovely time, but collapse from exhaustion and sleep until...

7:30am- Get up and get ready for work.

Myself and Perry

The beautiful Bobby Schmeling

Bobby Schmeling, Papa Cappleman, and MAMA!

So that's what goes into a gala people.  Lots and lots of work.  If you came hope you enjoyed it!  I also hope to see everyone at the next one in four months!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

After Red Riding hood Perry and I had really found our groove in terms of planning and process.  I knew that I had wanted to do Wizard of Oz since the photography series started.  This was mostly due to a casting choice,  I had been wanting to do a shoot with the amazing Ryan Cappleman for months and I knew he'd make a wonderful Scarecrow.  However every time I called him, due to high demand he wasn't available.  So when a time slot opened up I jumped at the chance.  I emailed Perry and we started all over again.

Location scouting was pretty easy this time around.  Since I had wanted to do Wizard of Oz for so long, I had sort of  been scouting whenever I was out and noticed an interesting spot.  We traveled again to the Urban Ecology Center  (used before in Alice in Wonderland) for some pictures, a bike trail adjacent to the ecology center, and our yellow brick road was a back ally way with cobblestones that I loved.

Then I had to think about the dress.  There were so many different ideas I had for how to update.  I had originally thought something in the vain of The Wiz, a skirt and top combination.  But the more I thought about it, I liked the idea of a jumper.  I feel that jumpers are underrated.  After finding a great tan and black gingham, I drafted a pattern and set to work. The dress only took me about an afternoon to complete.  There aren't any shots of it, but there is an exposed zipper in the back.  It gives this sweet jumper a little more edge than it would normally have.  I then paired it with a black leotard I had lying around.

After the dress was done I had to concentrate on casting the other roles of the shoot.  Ryan Cappleman of course was The Scarecrow. After Ryan and I had discussed it for a bit, we decided that the straw fedora paired with jeans and boots would give the best idea.

For the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man I called upon guys that had done such a great job before I had to use them again.
Chris Macgregor (Snow White's Prince) joined us again as the Tin Man.  Chris does a great job everytime, and I'm not saying I wouldn't have called him anyway, but the choice was more made due to the fact that I knew he had a gray suit.  I kept telling him to think Mad Men for his styling and this is what we ended up with.
Yeah, he's still dreamy.

I asked Jason Wazsak (Mad Hatter) to be the Cowardly Lion, and decided to attempt to give him a more Wolverine like look with the styling.  The scarf was added to give the look of a mane.  The nice thing about Jason is that we could give him an edgier look, but he has a nice gentle quality that makes it seem not as harsh as it would be with a different model.

The day of the shoot had arrived.  I had been up all night... again. This is a pattern with me.  I was finished getting all of the things we would need for the day together when Ryan showed up.  We put him through hair and make-up and had just finished when Jason arrived.  Then we repeated the process.  Then we get a call from Perry saying he'll be at my place soon.  We were all set... wait... where was Chris.  Yes that was the question of the morning.  Where was Chris?  Then all of a sudden Ryan remembered that Chris was out of the country.  I asked him if he was sure. He wasn't, but still not news you want to hear.  I started calling him fanatically.  Then after about ten minutes of hearing from nothing I started calling everyone in my phone who could fill in for him. I had two back-ups who were getting their things together when Chris arrived.  He was sleepy but at least he was there. 

The first location we hit was the back ally way.  Some of my favorite shots cam from that this location, although one of the trickier shoots for photoshop.
Then as we were heading off to the bike trail, I noticed a small public garden on the way.  They had a few beautiful sunflowers and I thought it would be really nice for some Scarecrow shots.
And then some shots from the bike trail.
After these shots we moved a little further down the bike trail.  It was another hot and humid day, because it had just rained the day before.  The guys were great, I couldn't get to the spot we wanted to shoot in with out ruining the heels I had picked for the shot.  So these boys took turns carrying me to the location.  There is nothing like it, I highly recommend it ladies definitely  the best way to travel.

The shoot was another success. I was touring in Chicago the next week with at show, then school had started up for me again.  So the next shoot was months after this one, but it's so worth coming back to read about. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Little Working Song

Here's the first update for the gala.  I have until Friday to get everything together, and if I'm being honest I'm starting to get a little nervous.  I have all of the table setting completed, we hung the most of the prints at the gallery yesterday, and we've been getting some great press.

I've mentioned this before, but I don't own a car.  It's really hard to pick-up, carry over, or drop off on the bus. Over the past few weeks it has been nonstop trips to the store, making all kinds of decisions, spending hours and most of my sanity putting whatever I can together in my apartment.  My dear friends have been really great about driving when they can.  Particularly a shout out needs to go to my Bobby.  He is my own personal fairy godmother, I feel so strongly about this that I cast him as such in the Cinderella shoot.  He's amazing.

Also it became clear that to properly display the costumes I was going to need dress forms.  Luci Boutique of Milwaukee has be gracious enough to donate 6 dress forms for the evening which is beyond cool.

I have accomplished a lot, but I still have all the food to complete.  The issue with that is that my kitchen is painfully small.  I can make it work, but it will be tough.  There's that and I could make all of the food today if I really wanted, but it would all be bad by Friday, so I'm just trying to figure out what I can prep early and want absolutely has to wait til the day of.  However I can give you some insights into the menu, which I am super excited about.

I'm doing a Craberry Feta Pinwheel
photo from:
As well as Brownie Petit Pours:
photo from:

There's lots of other treats too, but I can't give away all my surprises.  I was going to take pictures of the decor that I have so far, but ironically, I don't own a camera that would support that process.  Besides, you'd have to check out the Gala this weekend to see what I've come up with.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here Comes Little Red Riding Hood

We had posted the Snow White and Alice in Wonderland shoots on facebook.  The reaction was overwhelmingly positive.  My mother in particular had soon become my biggest fan.  I didn't want to disappoint with my next choice of fairy tale, so I thought about the shoot for a good chunk of time before settling on Little Red Riding Hood.  I had thought of creating a series based off of Red Riding Hood a while before the photo shoot.  In the series, Red had become a girl who had witness a crime by and underground gang called Wolf Pack, and Huntsmen were kin to police men.  I based the pictures off of these basic ideas.

Now it was time to start drafting an outfit.  The hood was nonnegotiable, but there was no way I was doing a cape and or poncho.  I don't care what InStyle Magazine might say, that is not fashion.  It is a sheet with a hole cut in the middle.  I love a crop jacket, so I drew a few possible ideas and then started draping the pattern on my body.  Not easy.  However after about 28-36 hours of labor the coat was done.  The dress only took 4 hours to complete.  This was mostly because it was based off of a preexisting pattern.  I however did not get to go to good will for this series.  I had to go to an old fashioned fabric store.  I had searched around for what I wanted at the GW, but there wasn't anything jumping out at me.

The belt was a great find from T.J. Maxx that I found on my dinner break at work.  I found a nice prop gun at a corporate conglomerate that I won't mention, and the aviator sun glasses from Dollar Tree.  

Then it was time for casting.  I had originally wanted another actor for the Huntsman, however he had to back out at the last minute.  So I called in Nick Zajdel again who you'll all remember as the White Rabbit.  No offense to Nick, but I did have my reservations about using him.  He seemed so young and innocent in the Alice pictures, and I needed a manly man.  I figured the best way to do that was to ask him to grow some stubble for the day of... more on that later.

I had always wanted Neil Vanides as the wolf. He's swarthy, he's dangerous, he's hot.  Neil was on board immediately which was a dream come true.
The day of the shoot rolls around.  I was up all night stressing about this and that.  I hadn't had confirmation texts from either boys, so I was starting to get nervous about them showing up.  Then at about 6:45am, while I spackled and  plastered my face I got a phone call from Neil.  "Have you looked outside?" he asks.  I hadn't.  I walked over to the window and peeked between the blinds.  It was pouring.  "Are we still shooting today?" the second question.  These shoots take to long to put together to cancel, I told him to head over and we'd try to wait out the rain or figure something out.  I started to calm down then Neil speaks again, "We have a slight problem though, I don't have a ride."  Great. I told him to hang on and I'd call him back momentarily.  Then I called Nick, asked if he could swing by and get Neil on the way to my place.  He said that was fine, then I called Neil back and set that up.

Perry called shortly after asking if we were shooting.  I told him everything I said above and Perry set out to meet us.  Then as soon as I got off the phone for the millionth time before 8am the boys buzzed to get in.  They were wearing what I had instructed them and they looked great.  But then I looked at Nick's stubble... or lack there of.  He had been growing it out for a week and a half to no avail.  This was a fight he lost.  I thought quickly and decided that we'd use some stage make-up and paint it on.  An idea Nick wasn't thrilled about, but I'm pushy and usually get my way.  The finished product didn't look too bad.

Yep.  Not too bad at all.

Finally Perry showed up and it was still raining.  Instead of sitting around my apartment and wasting the day I had an idea.  The basement of my apartment complex is super creepy, but visually interesting so I thought we'd get a few shots down there.  We carted the equipment down stairs began to work.

After a couple of nice shots down there, the rain had cleared up and we could move to a nice location that I had picked in the Downer Woods.  The area was super humid, so I was glad to have my hair pulled back for this shoot. As we were walking into the wood I saw this great hollowed out tree, I knew we need a shot in there.
This picture is one of my favorite from this series.  However what you can't see is that the inside of that tree is crawling with bugs, all kinds, like some hideous form of fear factor.  Then we spent the rest of the day hopping around faking fight scenes.

Again after about two hours we wrapped for the day and we all set out on our merry way.  Another fun successful day.  

I gave it a full five hours after the shoot before I stated thinking about my next project... The Wizard of Oz.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Taking a Trip down the Rabbit Hole

After the success of Snow White and with the pending release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, I decided to do my own version.  I emailed Perry with the idea and he was over the moon  We wanted to do an approach that was closer to the Arthur Rackham illustrations as opposed to the Disney version.  Then I started about the process all over again having learned a thing or two from the first story.

First off, I wanted to use three subjects as opposed to two.  But choosing the characters proved difficult.  There are so many amazing characters in Lewis Carroll's classic tale I was a little lost.  Alice was a given, and it really didn't matter to me that I wasn't blonde, it's my shoot I'll do what I want.  Besides I more wanted to capture the idea of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland without actually doing the story shot for shot.   There was also no way I could get the number of actors/model to do that.

After thought and consideration I decided to go with the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit. I also knew exactly who I wanted in each role.  For the Mad Hatter I wanted to use an actor named Jason Waszak, super talented nice guy who I knew had always wanted to play the Mad Hatter at some point.  For the White Rabbit I picked another actor friend named Nick Zajdel.  He had this sort of childlike, woodland creature energy that was perfect.

Then it was time for clothes.  The Alice dress, which is a particular favorite of mine, I had made months prior for a show that I had been in.  I hadn't gotten a ton of use out of it, so this was the perfect time.

Since I had the main fashion I decided that for this shoot I would try two new things for me. 1.) Men's wear 2.) Millinery .  I made both the Mad Hatter Hat and Vest for this shoot.  It started pretty much the same way, with a trip to my favorite place ever... that's right Goodwill.  I found some old black pillow cases and I knew I had some lining, that was for the vest.  The a trip to the craft store for buttons and hat fixings.
The vest proved to be way more difficult that I could've ever imagined.  See the thing about dresses, it that if  I make a mistake I can hide it some how or I can tweak it on my body as I go... I'm always there.  For Jason's vest I only had a sheet of measurements and my old singer sewing machine circa 1947 which make button holes a nightmare. However I was pleased with the finished product and I only had to have one extra fitting with Jason.

Now the Mad Hatter Hat, it wasn't difficult really, just new territory.  Lots of trial and error.
Yep, and Jason's pretty dreamy too.  I do know some good looking boys.  
You might notice that the hat is comically small.  My story that I've been telling people is that it was a choice, however that's not entirely true.  I just messed up my first attempt and only had enough materials to make the hat pictured above.

I started by by making a hat form out of the poster board and duct tape.  Then I used a really strong kind of craft glue and covered the form in pieces of an old velvet blazer that I cut up.  I put the brim through my sewing machine making my own bias tape from the scrapes of the Snow White dress, as well as the band.  Finally the 10/6 was cut out of a manilla folder with the edges burned.

Then it was onto prop shopping.  I hit up the stores Tuesday morning and Dollar Tree. I spent about nine bucks recreating the place settings for the Tea Party scene.

The white table cloth is my own bed sheet, and the over table cloth is a piece of fabric I bought years ago.  The white plates are also my actual dining wear as is the tea pot and pitcher.  The wall clock that Nick (White Rabbit) holds is also mine.  I basically ransacked my apartment for this shoot., but the out come was great.

The day of the shoot was warm, and I made the boys get up early again.  With this shoot I started doing hair and make-up call.  Meaning that they guys would have to be at my apartment a full half hour before the shoot would begin.  I'd look over clothes and do their make-up, then we'd all trek to the Urban Ecology Center to meet up with Perry.

I had scouted out the location a week before the shoot. I was another tough location to get to, this time we had three strapping men to cart stuff around.  There is a method to my madness.  When we reached the spot we set about paying with all kinds of different poses. 

I liked the look of this one, and Nick was a fantastic sport about lifting me like that for at least twenty minutes. Oh yeah I did grab his butt while I was like that, but there are no pictures of that.

This tree served as the entrance to Wonderland. There's Nick being handsome. Oh here's another.
The best thing about this shot was that Nick wasn't posed, Jason and I were shooting and Nick was waiting behind us like this.  I saw him and looked at Perry and told him to turn around and take a picture.  There is no lighting shift or photoshop, just a great shot.

However my favorite shot was inspired by this Rackham drawing.

And here is our version... 

So after about three hours and lots of giggling we finished the shoot, carried all of our stuff back out of the woods, and headed home.  It was a good day, and we had a great finished product.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow White

 I thought I'd go back and include what I remember from the process of each shoot starting from the beginning.  The first shoot as I mentioned was Snow White.

Last July I found a craigslist ad from Perry Heideman.  A Milwaukee photographer who wanted to start doing a photos that told a narrative as opposed to the landscapes he'd been doing prior.  I responded saying that he should do existing stories, like fairy tales and make it easy on himself.  Then I included my number, and within days I received a phone call.  After less than an hour we had picked our first story, Snow White and a day.  The shoot was set two weeks from out first conversation.  That's when the work began.

I set about finding a location.  The issues where that we have no budget... none.  All of these shoots are funded by myself or Perry.  I personally will not spend more than fifty dollars a shoot.  So I had to search for a public location that still looked lush and had that fairy tale quality that the story required.

I ended up choosing this ravine trail by the lake front in Milwaukee.  I often go running there in summer and spring, and it was so perfect in those months for what we were trying to do.  However a little tricky to get to, but more on that later.

Then I started on the dress.  I had one day off from work in the two weeks leading up to the shoot, and that was the day I needed to get the bulk of the work done.  I had an idea of what I wanted.  A flowing white cotton peasant dress... If you'll take a look at the above photo that is not what I ended up with.  I mentioned that we had no budget so when I went out to buy fabric I realized that my said little pay check did not go far.  So I headed off to my favorite place in the whole wide world.  Goodwill.  I found this amazing wine colored fabric in the form of a curtain panel.  It may have been very Maria VonTrapp, but I didn't care.

This being the first dress I made in a while, I didn't quite trust my pattern drafting skills.  So I did use a pattern.  It's a Mcalls quick sew that I modified.  I also don't have a dress form so I do a lot of fitting to my body.  The day I started that dress I worked for 14 hours straight and finished it that day.  I have a very one track mind when it comes to that kind of thing.  The "belt" with that dress was made from a spool of ribbon that I cut and doctored together in a way that worked with the dress.

Now I had to "cast" a Prince.  This proved a little more difficult than I thought.  After this shoot finding models wasn't too hard, but being the first in the series no one knew what the finished product would look like and they were super hesitant.  I called four or five of my actor friends who either declined or couldn't make it.  I was at the end of my rope when I remembered Chris MacGregor.

Dreamy right?  Right.  He hadn't crossed my mind at first because he's a few years younger than me, but I had just worked with him in another show.  Once the idea popped into my head I realized he was perfect.  Then I called and thank god he accepted.  I told him to bring a bunch of clothes and we'd pick on the day of.

The other thing about these shoots is that the best time to get a good photo outside is 9am or 5pm.  Now I am a demon hell spawn and I like to do early morning, so I made both of these poor men get out of their beds by 7am on a Sunday morning.  I myself couldn't sleep.  I was up at 5 doing hair and make-up. Then at the location Chris pops open his trunk which double as our make shift wardrobe and make-up trailer.  We met up with Perry at the entrance to this ravine trail.  Remember when I said that it was tricky to get to the location.  Yeah.  This is a ravine trail, it's scenic and beautiful, but also hidden away and steep.  The three of us carried MASSIVE amounts of equipment down stairs, through brush, and over bridges and such.  To make matters worse it was I believe 90% humidity that day, which I believe is somewhat of an excuse for my hair or at least that's what I'm claiming.

Perry provided the apple, I brought along the blanket and the basket of flowers.  I knew the shots I wanted so we set about the better part of two hours trying this and that.

However, this being a public area meant that there was no privacy, so in most of these shots there were people stopping to watch us shoot.  Yep, people with their dogs, runners, bikers, you name it they'd buzz through and we'd politely say hello then they'd move on.  We finished the shoot, packed up the equipment and headed right back out of the woods.  No sooner had we left than the skies opened and it started to pour rain.  This was not the last time we lucked out like that, but that's a story for another day.  And the shoot turned out happily ever after.