Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

After Red Riding hood Perry and I had really found our groove in terms of planning and process.  I knew that I had wanted to do Wizard of Oz since the photography series started.  This was mostly due to a casting choice,  I had been wanting to do a shoot with the amazing Ryan Cappleman for months and I knew he'd make a wonderful Scarecrow.  However every time I called him, due to high demand he wasn't available.  So when a time slot opened up I jumped at the chance.  I emailed Perry and we started all over again.

Location scouting was pretty easy this time around.  Since I had wanted to do Wizard of Oz for so long, I had sort of  been scouting whenever I was out and noticed an interesting spot.  We traveled again to the Urban Ecology Center  (used before in Alice in Wonderland) for some pictures, a bike trail adjacent to the ecology center, and our yellow brick road was a back ally way with cobblestones that I loved.

Then I had to think about the dress.  There were so many different ideas I had for how to update.  I had originally thought something in the vain of The Wiz, a skirt and top combination.  But the more I thought about it, I liked the idea of a jumper.  I feel that jumpers are underrated.  After finding a great tan and black gingham, I drafted a pattern and set to work. The dress only took me about an afternoon to complete.  There aren't any shots of it, but there is an exposed zipper in the back.  It gives this sweet jumper a little more edge than it would normally have.  I then paired it with a black leotard I had lying around.

After the dress was done I had to concentrate on casting the other roles of the shoot.  Ryan Cappleman of course was The Scarecrow. After Ryan and I had discussed it for a bit, we decided that the straw fedora paired with jeans and boots would give the best idea.

For the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man I called upon guys that had done such a great job before I had to use them again.
Chris Macgregor (Snow White's Prince) joined us again as the Tin Man.  Chris does a great job everytime, and I'm not saying I wouldn't have called him anyway, but the choice was more made due to the fact that I knew he had a gray suit.  I kept telling him to think Mad Men for his styling and this is what we ended up with.
Yeah, he's still dreamy.

I asked Jason Wazsak (Mad Hatter) to be the Cowardly Lion, and decided to attempt to give him a more Wolverine like look with the styling.  The scarf was added to give the look of a mane.  The nice thing about Jason is that we could give him an edgier look, but he has a nice gentle quality that makes it seem not as harsh as it would be with a different model.

The day of the shoot had arrived.  I had been up all night... again. This is a pattern with me.  I was finished getting all of the things we would need for the day together when Ryan showed up.  We put him through hair and make-up and had just finished when Jason arrived.  Then we repeated the process.  Then we get a call from Perry saying he'll be at my place soon.  We were all set... wait... where was Chris.  Yes that was the question of the morning.  Where was Chris?  Then all of a sudden Ryan remembered that Chris was out of the country.  I asked him if he was sure. He wasn't, but still not news you want to hear.  I started calling him fanatically.  Then after about ten minutes of hearing from nothing I started calling everyone in my phone who could fill in for him. I had two back-ups who were getting their things together when Chris arrived.  He was sleepy but at least he was there. 

The first location we hit was the back ally way.  Some of my favorite shots cam from that this location, although one of the trickier shoots for photoshop.
Then as we were heading off to the bike trail, I noticed a small public garden on the way.  They had a few beautiful sunflowers and I thought it would be really nice for some Scarecrow shots.
And then some shots from the bike trail.
After these shots we moved a little further down the bike trail.  It was another hot and humid day, because it had just rained the day before.  The guys were great, I couldn't get to the spot we wanted to shoot in with out ruining the heels I had picked for the shot.  So these boys took turns carrying me to the location.  There is nothing like it, I highly recommend it ladies definitely  the best way to travel.

The shoot was another success. I was touring in Chicago the next week with at show, then school had started up for me again.  So the next shoot was months after this one, but it's so worth coming back to read about. 

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