Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here Comes Little Red Riding Hood

We had posted the Snow White and Alice in Wonderland shoots on facebook.  The reaction was overwhelmingly positive.  My mother in particular had soon become my biggest fan.  I didn't want to disappoint with my next choice of fairy tale, so I thought about the shoot for a good chunk of time before settling on Little Red Riding Hood.  I had thought of creating a series based off of Red Riding Hood a while before the photo shoot.  In the series, Red had become a girl who had witness a crime by and underground gang called Wolf Pack, and Huntsmen were kin to police men.  I based the pictures off of these basic ideas.

Now it was time to start drafting an outfit.  The hood was nonnegotiable, but there was no way I was doing a cape and or poncho.  I don't care what InStyle Magazine might say, that is not fashion.  It is a sheet with a hole cut in the middle.  I love a crop jacket, so I drew a few possible ideas and then started draping the pattern on my body.  Not easy.  However after about 28-36 hours of labor the coat was done.  The dress only took 4 hours to complete.  This was mostly because it was based off of a preexisting pattern.  I however did not get to go to good will for this series.  I had to go to an old fashioned fabric store.  I had searched around for what I wanted at the GW, but there wasn't anything jumping out at me.

The belt was a great find from T.J. Maxx that I found on my dinner break at work.  I found a nice prop gun at a corporate conglomerate that I won't mention, and the aviator sun glasses from Dollar Tree.  

Then it was time for casting.  I had originally wanted another actor for the Huntsman, however he had to back out at the last minute.  So I called in Nick Zajdel again who you'll all remember as the White Rabbit.  No offense to Nick, but I did have my reservations about using him.  He seemed so young and innocent in the Alice pictures, and I needed a manly man.  I figured the best way to do that was to ask him to grow some stubble for the day of... more on that later.

I had always wanted Neil Vanides as the wolf. He's swarthy, he's dangerous, he's hot.  Neil was on board immediately which was a dream come true.
The day of the shoot rolls around.  I was up all night stressing about this and that.  I hadn't had confirmation texts from either boys, so I was starting to get nervous about them showing up.  Then at about 6:45am, while I spackled and  plastered my face I got a phone call from Neil.  "Have you looked outside?" he asks.  I hadn't.  I walked over to the window and peeked between the blinds.  It was pouring.  "Are we still shooting today?" the second question.  These shoots take to long to put together to cancel, I told him to head over and we'd try to wait out the rain or figure something out.  I started to calm down then Neil speaks again, "We have a slight problem though, I don't have a ride."  Great. I told him to hang on and I'd call him back momentarily.  Then I called Nick, asked if he could swing by and get Neil on the way to my place.  He said that was fine, then I called Neil back and set that up.

Perry called shortly after asking if we were shooting.  I told him everything I said above and Perry set out to meet us.  Then as soon as I got off the phone for the millionth time before 8am the boys buzzed to get in.  They were wearing what I had instructed them and they looked great.  But then I looked at Nick's stubble... or lack there of.  He had been growing it out for a week and a half to no avail.  This was a fight he lost.  I thought quickly and decided that we'd use some stage make-up and paint it on.  An idea Nick wasn't thrilled about, but I'm pushy and usually get my way.  The finished product didn't look too bad.

Yep.  Not too bad at all.

Finally Perry showed up and it was still raining.  Instead of sitting around my apartment and wasting the day I had an idea.  The basement of my apartment complex is super creepy, but visually interesting so I thought we'd get a few shots down there.  We carted the equipment down stairs began to work.

After a couple of nice shots down there, the rain had cleared up and we could move to a nice location that I had picked in the Downer Woods.  The area was super humid, so I was glad to have my hair pulled back for this shoot. As we were walking into the wood I saw this great hollowed out tree, I knew we need a shot in there.
This picture is one of my favorite from this series.  However what you can't see is that the inside of that tree is crawling with bugs, all kinds, like some hideous form of fear factor.  Then we spent the rest of the day hopping around faking fight scenes.

Again after about two hours we wrapped for the day and we all set out on our merry way.  Another fun successful day.  

I gave it a full five hours after the shoot before I stated thinking about my next project... The Wizard of Oz.

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