Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whistle While you Work

Gala Night was spectacular.  To all those who made it, thank you so much for all of your support.  To all of those who didn't, it's okay there will another one at the gallery opening at Carte Blache Studios within the next four months or so.  Here's kind of a time line of my day, pictures to follow:

11pm-10:29am: Spent awake pacing, making last minute adjustments.Packed up all of the centerpieces, serving trays, candles, table linens, extra photos, and signage.   General OCD type behavior.

10:30am- Moved all of the accouterments into the car. The branch centerpiece with hanging LED lights didn't want to get in the car, but with some gentle forcing it was persuaded. Bobby Schmeling in all of his amazingness helped cart everything to MGAC.

10:45am- Started hanging our fo-chandelier from a lighting rig.  This consisted of different lengths thread connected to silver Christmas ornaments.  Bobby spent most of this time looking at my butt from the base of the ladder.  He commented on how nice it was, but ultimately not for him.  Then also mentioned how this was wasted on him.

11:45am-  Started setting up tables and and linens.  Tinkered with plate settings for almost a half hour.  Which was pointless because we changed it all later.

12:48pm- Finished setting up the space and moved to LUCI boutique to pick up for the dress forms.  Only four dress forms instead of the promised six.  It was alright I had a fabulous gay man who made it work.  (Bobby not Tim Gunn)

12:58- Arrived back at MGAC, forgot to call Angela Iannone and tell her that I had a ride to pick up the dress forms.  Felt like an idot.  She was gracious enough to forgive me. Still feel bad though.

1:15pm- After profuse apologies to Angela we dressed the forms and headed off to finish errands for the day.

2:03pm- Bobby still did not have wig for the evening we looked at a beauty supply store, found nothing.  Stopped for a brief 20 minutes to eat at Panera, it was super tasty.

2:45- Went to Closet Classics.  Found two wigs for Bobby and jewelry for my costume.  Bobby still wanted to look for more wigs.  Off to Bartz.

3:07- Hit up Bartz got cups for the evening.  No additional wigs for Bobby.

3:28- Pick N' Save.  Beverages and Napkins.  The drinks promised to me for the evening fell through.  Had to make other arrangements. Arrangements that included my wallet.

4:15 Arrived at Bobby's house so he could get cleaned up and gather his costume for the evening. Had a few minutes to sit and chill out for the first time all day.  Watched youtube clips. Bobby showered... naked... I didn't see anything.

5:00-Left Bobby's house.

5:30- Arrived all the way back to my apartment so  I could pick up my costume and all the food. Roommate had promised to do some baking for me.  Couldn't find the treats at my apartment.  Started to freak out.  Went to the freezer, treats were there.  I knew roommate wouldn't let me down.

6:00- Back at the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center.  Started plating and garnishing food.  The whole menu; cucumber sandwiches, feta cranberry spinach roll-ups, Chinese chop salad in won-ton cups, pineapple slices, lemon bars, Hazelnut-caramel-toffee Brownies, and custard tarts (roommate treat).  Took much longer than expected.  Should've expected that. Couple arrived early to the exhibit and walked around while I worked.  Took them three trips around the room before they realized it was me the in the photos.

6:47- Bobby informs me we have no chord to plug in the ipod.  Which means the evening will have no music an result in a cone of silence that would kill the merriment of the evening.

6:55- Alan Piotrowicz and Eric Nutting save the merriment and my sanity by dropping of said ipod chord.

7:04- Finally finshed plating food.  Run backstage to feverishly apply make-up and costume.  Did a really slapdash job.

7:30- Run out to meet and great.  The evening begins.

12:03- Evening ends, arrive home.  Had a lovely time, but collapse from exhaustion and sleep until...

7:30am- Get up and get ready for work.

Myself and Perry

The beautiful Bobby Schmeling

Bobby Schmeling, Papa Cappleman, and MAMA!

So that's what goes into a gala people.  Lots and lots of work.  If you came hope you enjoyed it!  I also hope to see everyone at the next one in four months!

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