Friday, February 4, 2011

Tinker Toys: Casting

Here's your first update:

Currently I'm working on putting together The Steadfast Tin Soldier.  I set about casting almost a month ago.  There are three main characters to the story but we've added one more.  All talk about that in a bit.  First and foremost we needed a Steadfast Tin Soldier.  I didn't have to think about this for too long.  I quickly booked Jon Porter. Jonny Porter is my White Whale; Ahab style.  He has been offered a part in every photo shoot since the very beginning.  There were a myriad of reasons he couldn't make it, work... and well work... and... fine there was just one reason he could never do a shoot.  But never the less, in the past few months Mr. Porter has become much more available so he is going to be our titular character.  Jon is an actor who has worked all over Wisconsin.  He's a tremendous presence onstage, one of my favorite people to work with, and a dear friend.           

Then I needed a villian; a jack in the box.  Since I had used a main character I'd never used before.  I settled on Adam Zastrow.  Adam had offered to do a shoot with me about a month a go and I thought it was time to put him in the game.  Adam has this look about him, like there's something dangerous there.  I wanted that for the Jack in the Box.  Adam is also an actor.  He works a lot with Carte Blanche Studios; this is also the space that is opening the Urban Fairy Tale series after we close at MGAC.
Finally we're adding in our raffle winner from the Gala Night; Wendy Rightler.  To add more of toy box feel to the shoot Wendy is going to be playing a Porcelain Doll. This character is not in the original story, but it doesn't really matter to me, I think it will add some levels to the pictures.  Wendy is also and actress and performer.  I'm really glad to have her involved.
So those are the featured players for this shoot and that's all for now.  More on locations and accessories later.

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