Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tinker Toys: Completion

Last night was the amazingly successful Steadfast Tin Soldier shoot.  We unfortunately lost out on using Tamsyn, due to a rehearsal she was called into.  But the shots turned out great anyway.  James Clark filmed the entire shoot, it will be edited down into a 10 minute episode of Reconstructing Grimm to be posted within the next few weeks.

Some acknowledgments need to go out to the volunteers: 

A massive thanks goes out to Carte Blanche Studios.  They booked us their space very last minute and gave us a full four hours on the shoot to get everything we wanted to get done.

Also the models; Jon Porter, Adam Zastrow, and Wendy Rightler did an amazing job for their first time out on one of theses shoots.

And of course Perry Heideman, the photographer.  Phenomenal work every time. 

I also don't want to post too many pictures until the video is up, but I will give you a little teaser shot of some of the work we did last night.

More are coming!

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