Monday, February 7, 2011

Tinker Toys: Design Elements

Now that I have casting firmly in place, and most of the location things taken care of (there will be separate blog in the future; I just want to nail everything down first.) I thought that I would discuss a little of the design element that I got through for a shoot.

I try and go in with a direct concept for each shoot or at least a jumping off point.  In the past this is what I started with in a nutshell.

Snow White: Hippie-Wood Nymph
Red Riding Hood: Indie it-girl in a gritty reboot
Alice in Wonderland: Classic styling in juxtaposition with Lewis Carroll's outlandish story
Wizard of Oz: Yellow Brick Runway
Cinderella: Vogue Magazine Spread Cindy
Nutcracker: Vintage Christmas with Ballet elements

For The Steadfast Tin Soldier the jumping off point came with this basic idea:
* Harlequin Tim Burton Toy Box

This is the first shoot that I did not make my dress for and I'll tell you why.  First time was an issue.  Planning the gala while starting up a new semester at school and a new job left very little time for sewing.  Second, The Milwaukee Gay Arts Center was kind enough to provide me a dress for the opening of our show at their space so I thought it would be nice to use it in a shoot. And three, with the time I saved making the dress I now had much more time to play with make-up and focus on styling for the other characters in the shoot.

Steadfast Soldier is coming up quicker than I think you might expect, so stay tuned.  More on locations and shoot day time line to follow. 

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