Monday, February 14, 2011

Tinker Toys: Locations

I had been hunting for places that I wanted to shoot The Steadfast Tin Soldier and after some searching I found the perfect place.  I was really excited, I told everyone... and then we lost the space.  It's disappointing but it happens.  So that's when you start all over again.  I was lucky enough to have Carte Blacnhe Studios donate their time and space to us so that we could finally have the last element to make this shoot work.  The shoot is coming up this week so come back for pictures.

Also; the process of this shoot will be filmed by a wonderful videographer by the name of James Clark. So now you also will have to come back to see the first live episode of "Reconstructing Grimm."  Hosted by myself, and guest starring, Jon Porter, Wendy Rightler, and Adam Zastrow. 

On a casting note as well we've also added one more character to the shoot.  A Rag Doll to be Played by Tamsyn Reed.  I had planned on using her in the doomed Hansel and Gretel shoot a while ago and finally got to bring her in.  So that's all for now. Here's hoping for a successful shoot.

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