Friday, March 25, 2011

Off to Neverland: Part 1

Last night we did the first part of a two day shoot.  Not going to lie, it was a little rough.  Both Perry and I weren't feeling 100% so we're crossing out fingers.  We also were shooting in my apartment, it was a bit cramped and so on.  Enough with excuses, I think we did get some nice shots.  I haven't seen too many yet, but there definitely something to work with there.

Yesterday we concentrated mainly on Peter and Wendy.  Peter was played by the dreamy Reconstructing Grimm Alumni Chris MacGregor.  He was lovely as ever.  And put up with a great deal.  When we planned the shoot the temperature was resting in the upper 40's low 50's.  For Wisconsin that's pretty much a heat wave.  Yesterday when the shoot actually happened the temperature topped out at a balmy 27 degrees.  I had planned outdoor shots.  I'm an idiot.  We got as much as we could outside, but as I was barefoot, and Chris's shirts were less than thermal we had to come in very quickly.

There is a second shoot day scheduled to take care of Peter Wendy and Hook in the Jolly Roger set.  Here's hoping that it will work better than the Wendy's bedroom set.  Again not announcing who's playing Captain Hook as then something terrible will happen to him to make him not able to do the shoot.  There might even be a few other surprises as well.

For right now here's one picture to tide you over.

An excerpt from J. M. Barrie's Adventures of Peter Pan...

"I shall sew it on for you, my little man," she said, though he was tall as herself, and she got out her housewife [sewing bag], and sewed the shadow on to Peter's foot.
"I daresay it will hurt a little," she warned him.
"Oh, I shan't cry," said Peter, who was already of the opinion that he had never cried in his life. And he clenched his teeth and did not cry..."

 Come back... there be Pirates here...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finding Neverland: A Rocky Pirate Ship

Right; I'm going to stop announcing things on this blog I think.  Every time I announce something it falls through.  So instead I'm going to leave you with this.

The Peter Pan shoot is being planned.

There will be people in it... as to whom you'll see after the shoot as it's still fluctuating.

Where, you'll see if I say anything about it I'm convinced the structures will blow up at it's own will.

When... God I wish I could say for sure... soon though.  I can promise soon.

Keep voting on the shoot that will take place after Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast.  Just to remind you the choices are:

A.) Sleeping Beauty
B) Arabian Nights
C) Hansel and Gretel

I haven't closed off the polls yet so keep your thoughts coming in.

Thanks much!  More information on Peter Pan soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding Neverland: Part 2: Casting Notes and Updates

This is the fastest update post you will ever get.  James Clark just finished a new video for you guys.
As promised here is the link to the second episode of Reconstructing Grimm:

Go take a look.  Lots of fun information and I even want you're opinions on some things, so don't disappoint me!

On a casting note I can tell you that Reconstructing Grimm alumni Jason Waszak will be joining us for the Peter Pan shoot.  Not telling you what character he's going to be, but he'll look good doing it. 
Still working out some of the kinks, but things are coming together nicely.  More information soon.

Finding Neverland: Part 1

Due to some extenuating circumstances the Beauty and the Beast shoot had to be put on hold.  The next shoot is actually  going to be Peter Pan themed.  Casting is still a bit up in the air, and so are locations, but I can tell you that the dress and wings are done and I can't wait for the photo shoot.

I thought in this post I'd discuss the process of making one of the dresses.  In the last shoot you guys missed out a bit due to the fact that I didn't actually create the costume.  When I talk to people about my photo shoots many of them say things like, "Oh your life must be so glamorous to do shoot like this all the time."

I'm sure if any of you watched the behind the scenes footage that dispelled some of those theories.  Don't get me wrong I love this project, and I have so much fun doing it.  I wouldn't do it if I didn't.  However it is a great deal of work.

For example here's another timeline for you telling the harrowing tale of the Tinkerbell Dress:
Let us set the stage: Saturday morning (my one day off from work and school)

8:30am: I wake up and get my things together.  Write a list of all the things I'm going to need from the store.

10:00am: Head to the first of many many bus stops.  The best fabric store "in the area" is ten miles away, which  bus wise might as well be Serbia.  (*important note* I live in Wisconsin it was 10 degrees outside.  And the buses never run on time)

10:23: Waiting at the next bus stop.

11:24: Frustrated and angry that the next bus hasn't come yet.

11:44: Finally boarded next bus.

12:14: Arrived at Southridge; walked the additional four blocks to the store.

12:28: Finally at the fabric store and having regained the feeling in my feet started to look for the perfect fabric.

1:33: Made final choices.  Went to get the fabric cut and saw the line.  Cried on the inside a bit.  Apparently on a Saturday morning every woman in Wisconsin has to get to the fabric store to buy any and all kinds of fleece.  All the fleece in the world was being purchased presumably to make blankets for the cold Wisconsin winter.

2:03: Fabric cut finally grabbing materials for the wings.  Store didn't have appropriate wire, I was going to have to make another stop.

2:10: Left the fabric store and saw that the mall had a Sears, assumed that they might have wire. They didn't.

2:35: Re-boarded the  bus to head home.

3:16: Got on the second bus to head home.

3:42: Stopped at a hardware store for corrugated steel wire and electrical tape.

4:04: Returned home.  Now the work started

4:20: Started work on the wings.  Set everything out on the floor in front of  the t.v. and turned off my phone.

9:00: Finished the wings and had to start the dress.  Cleaned up the work space and started over.

12:10 Finished the dress.  Walked into my room and collapsed.

That's more or less a typical prep day for a shoot.  There's still a great deal of work to do.  And I'll give you updates as they come.  The best part is though, when a dress is finished the other aspects are much easier to coordinate, so come back soon for more information on the Peter Pan shoot, as well as Episode @ of Reconstructing Grimm: Update.