Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding Neverland: Part 1

Due to some extenuating circumstances the Beauty and the Beast shoot had to be put on hold.  The next shoot is actually  going to be Peter Pan themed.  Casting is still a bit up in the air, and so are locations, but I can tell you that the dress and wings are done and I can't wait for the photo shoot.

I thought in this post I'd discuss the process of making one of the dresses.  In the last shoot you guys missed out a bit due to the fact that I didn't actually create the costume.  When I talk to people about my photo shoots many of them say things like, "Oh your life must be so glamorous to do shoot like this all the time."

I'm sure if any of you watched the behind the scenes footage that dispelled some of those theories.  Don't get me wrong I love this project, and I have so much fun doing it.  I wouldn't do it if I didn't.  However it is a great deal of work.

For example here's another timeline for you telling the harrowing tale of the Tinkerbell Dress:
Let us set the stage: Saturday morning (my one day off from work and school)

8:30am: I wake up and get my things together.  Write a list of all the things I'm going to need from the store.

10:00am: Head to the first of many many bus stops.  The best fabric store "in the area" is ten miles away, which  bus wise might as well be Serbia.  (*important note* I live in Wisconsin it was 10 degrees outside.  And the buses never run on time)

10:23: Waiting at the next bus stop.

11:24: Frustrated and angry that the next bus hasn't come yet.

11:44: Finally boarded next bus.

12:14: Arrived at Southridge; walked the additional four blocks to the store.

12:28: Finally at the fabric store and having regained the feeling in my feet started to look for the perfect fabric.

1:33: Made final choices.  Went to get the fabric cut and saw the line.  Cried on the inside a bit.  Apparently on a Saturday morning every woman in Wisconsin has to get to the fabric store to buy any and all kinds of fleece.  All the fleece in the world was being purchased presumably to make blankets for the cold Wisconsin winter.

2:03: Fabric cut finally grabbing materials for the wings.  Store didn't have appropriate wire, I was going to have to make another stop.

2:10: Left the fabric store and saw that the mall had a Sears, assumed that they might have wire. They didn't.

2:35: Re-boarded the  bus to head home.

3:16: Got on the second bus to head home.

3:42: Stopped at a hardware store for corrugated steel wire and electrical tape.

4:04: Returned home.  Now the work started

4:20: Started work on the wings.  Set everything out on the floor in front of  the t.v. and turned off my phone.

9:00: Finished the wings and had to start the dress.  Cleaned up the work space and started over.

12:10 Finished the dress.  Walked into my room and collapsed.

That's more or less a typical prep day for a shoot.  There's still a great deal of work to do.  And I'll give you updates as they come.  The best part is though, when a dress is finished the other aspects are much easier to coordinate, so come back soon for more information on the Peter Pan shoot, as well as Episode @ of Reconstructing Grimm: Update.

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