Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tale as Old as Time: part 1

The final shots from the Peter Pan shoot are coming I swear.  I'm just holding off to post them so I can add the Peter Pan webisode of Reconstructing Grimm.  I have been told by the end of the week the video will be up.

In the mean time I thought I'd give you some updates on Beauty and the Beast.  The nice thing about this particular shoot is the fact that we had already been planning to do it once upon a time.  Right before we had to switch gears to Peter Pan I had done a lot of the ground work.  For example, the shoot is already almost completely cast.  However until I have everything in place I'm not going to say anything.  Like I've said before, the second I announce something, I summon the "plans-fall-through" demon who drags my best intentions down into the depths of scheduling issues and the vortex of Murphy's Law.  So to save everyone this awful fate, you'll all just have to be patient.  Trust me I'm doing this for you...

Anyway back on topic, I will tell you the theme that we're going for.  I have been playing with the idea for some months to do sort of Old Hollywood Glamor with it.  Making the beast this hotel room destroying rock star, and Beauty more Audrey Hepburn like.  I realize this might sound strange weird even.  But most of my ideas sound really weird to people.  I am constantly reminded of this by Mother Shipe, every time I explain an idea after about fifteen minutes she tells me, "I just have to see it when it's done, I don't understand it Elizabeth." I shrug and hang up and go back to working on my stuff.

That's what I'm shooting for anyway.  The next bit I have is a question for all of you!  That's right, so here's what I'm wondering.  The original story is short on minor characters.  In fact The only ones that carry over to the house of mouse version we all know are Belle, her father, the Beast and the Enchantress.  Everyone else, GONE! Question: How many characters should I attempt to include from the Disney's arsenal or should I stick to the original story.  Up to you guys.  Post in the comments what you think.


  1. I also love the original story. Beauty's sisters might be interesting to include, as well as the enchantress who cast the entire spell. But I'm just a sucker for B&tB (all versions, including "Beauty" by Robin McKinley, and "Beastly" by Alex Flynn.)

  2. I agree including her sisters, and in some versions there's also brothers.

    In most versions there's servants, they're either invisible or animals. Doing make up for people to look like animals could be interesting.

    But, I agree with Emberchild, I love all things B&B.

  3. Finally de-lurking to comment. :)

    I vote for the original story. I think it would be awesome to cast for the invisible servants and for Beauty's sisters.