Monday, July 11, 2011

The Beast Within the Man


You all have no idea how excited I am.  First of all, to have this shoot under our belt secondly because the shoot went so incredibly well.  We got off to a bit of a rocky start.  First of all the casting of the Beast.

The role had gone to a tremendous actor that had been booked in May.  Then three weeks ago, he backed out. So I went to my back up choice, who was now going to be on vacation.  I moved to choice number three, he was only available in the evening, and everyone else had been booked for the morning.  Man number four was a model friend of mine who had expressed interest in Beauty and the Beast, but in the end had to go out of town with his wife.  Beast Five agreed! I was thrilled, we had a guy in place. I started looking for wardrobe and finalizing plans, until Tuesday of this last week.  When all of a sudden, and without warning, my phone started to explode with text messages during a nap.  Messages were from Beast Five, his apartment had been sublet and he had to move with in the weekend... soooooo he canceled.

Having gone so far into production mode I was not going to give up now.  I sent out four more emails.  Two actors, a model, and a friend from high school made the list.  I made a deal with myself, if didn't hear from one of them by Wednesday evening, the shoot would be canceled.

On Wednesday night at 11:54 I caught a fish... a big sexy fish.  And then on Thursday I caught another, and Friday at 3:30am I caught another.  That's right after weeks of  losing male models, I now had three.  So I gave the part to the first person that responded and promised the other two slots in the next few shoots.

The model had to crash at my place on Saturday night.  And Saturday morning Murphy's Law punched me in the face a few times for good measure.  First off I called Perry, he and I had a slight miscommunication... he didn't know we were shooting that day... at all.  So god bless him he piled in his car and rushed to the shoot location.  Angela Iannone, (who was amazing as the Enchantress) she and I had a slight miscommunication over the meeting place. But it all worked out.  In a side note, can I just say how utterly beautiful and wonderful to work with Angela is.  Here's a sneak peek.

Look at those eyes! I'm a little in love.
  So for about a half hour while my heart nearly gave out I thought the worst.  But finally everything was in place, The Beast and I followed our amazing videographer, and Reconstructing Grimm's new Production Manager Alan Piotrowicz to the location and then the shoot took off.  And the day was lovely.  great photos, great friends.  So who is the amazing Beast we got for the shoot?  Here's your first taste...
... Oh I guess you can't see his face here... well I suppose you could just go to the Reconstructing Grimm Facebook page and see the tag.  How would you do that?  I know! I'll give you a link.

So if you want to find the man behind the beast take a little cyber trip.
More pictures to follow.  Please let me know what you think.   As always love to hear your thoughts.
And now the process begins on... Arabian Nights!

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