Friday, July 22, 2011

Beauty and the Beast: Part 1

Adam Brunswick wasn't a bad man deep down.  This part is integral to the story, that is why you're being told first and it is important that you understand that for all of  Adam Bruswick's faults he wasn't a bad man underneath his predisposed nature.  That being said at the beginning of this story, Adam was selfish, flippant, on occasion cruel, and above all spoiled.

The Brunswick Family was one of those incredibly lucky families to have been rich forever.  So long everyone seemed to forget how they made their initial fortune. It wasn't really important.  All that was important is that they had money now, and plenty of it.

Adam took more than a little advantage of his family's fortune.  He lived in excess, too much liquor, too many women, too much gambling.  He was a typical spoiled rotten brat.  Adam treated his father's employees like servants, and he treated his servants worse than that. He too self absorbed to see that he was hated everyone and everything around him, not that anyone who felt that way would say anything.

There is a very famous quote, I couldn't tell you who said it, but the quote says, "Character is what you are when no one is looking." But see the thing is, there is never a time when no one is looking. There are eyes everywhere, all around, waiting watching and making all kinds of decisions for us.  Some people call it bad luck, others karma, or even magic.  Adam didn't believe in any of these things, but he was about to.

The Enchantress had no name.  She was part of the earth itself, made of wind and spring rain.  She was one of many, she had thousands and thousands of sisters and brothers.  All of them silently making sure that the world maintains a balance of right and wrong.  These ancient and noble beings don't see all of the injustices of the world.  There is no way they could, there is simply too much to see.  Some people slip through the cracks. So it was simply Adam Brunswick's poor fortune that he should have fallen into The Enchantress's line of sight.

Adam was walking home in through the park.  He'd had another long night of drinking and gambling and woken to find himself in yet another of many apartments owned by a woman he did not know.  Adam for some reason decided to enjoy the morning and get a cup of coffee while he strolled.  Later, he'd curse this decision.  If only he'd have called his driver, if only he'd hailed a cab.  It was too late now though, Adam was headed toward something much larger than he could've imagined.

As Adam walked he approached a homeless woman.  The old woman's face was wise yet sad.  She asked for one thing.  The untouched cup of coffee in Adam's hand.  Adam scoffed at this request.  He brushed the woman off and kept walking.  Again the beggar woman asked Adam, this time with a simple, "Please."

"Hey, why don't you get a job?" Adam yelled over his shoulder.

For a third time the woman called after Adam, "Please, just something to get me through the morning."  Adam stopped.  He turned around and dumped the coffee at her feet.  The second he'd done that he knew he made a mistake, the beggar woman started to change right in front of him.  And the last thing Adam remembered before he passed out was a pair of beautiful intense and angry eyes.

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