Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beauty and the Beast: Part 2

It was nightfall before Adam woke up.  He was still in the park. That was one of two things he knew that the moment, he was in the park and he had a splitting headache.  Adam stood-up and went for his cellphone... which was missing.  Then he moved for his wallet... which was also gone.

"... I've been mugged." He thought, "great, just great. looks like I'm walking."

Adam started the long trudge to his penthouse.  The night was pleasant enough.  Despite the inconvenience of losing two of his most prized possessions all in all it wasn't a bad walk.  Besides he figured he'd just go long enough to find someone to help him and offer a massive reward.

Before long Adam saw a jogger.

"Hey! Hey buddy!," Adam called out.  "I could use a little help."  The jogger started at Adam and stumbled off the path a ways.  The jogger then turned and ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

"Come on, I was mugged... What is your problem.  Show a little compassion!"

Adam walked out of the park into downtown.  He was looking for someone, anyone to help him.  But it seemed not one person would make eye contact with him.  And if he tried to talk to them they start walking faster and faster away.  Adam became frantic, and the more frantic he became the crazier he sounded.  He couldn't understand.  Then he walked past a darkened store window and turned to look at himself, but the reflection wasn't someone he recognized.  It wasn't a someone at all.  He'd become a thing of fur and feathers.  It was as though his face had grown out of the earth.  Adam started to panic.  But he caught himself, he must've hit his head.  He was hallucinating, that had to be it.  He closed his eyes and counted to three, when he opened his eyes he'd be his same handsome self again and he could go home and everything would be fine.  He took a look, but the creature was still staring back at him.

"Help!" Adam screamed into the streets.  "Someone please, I don't know what's happening to me!"  The sounds of the city began to overtake him.  Adam couldn't breathe, his heart kept speeding up.  He collapsed right in front of  of  Perrault's P.R. firm at the feet of a very shocked Bethany Charles.

"Oh my god! Are you okay?" Bethany crouched to Adam's level.
"Don't look at me. Get away from me." Adam said quietly shielding his face.
"Don't be so dramatic, come on let me see.  If you're hurt, let me help you."
"No, don't!"  Adam yelled as she pulled his hands away.

Bethany took a sharp breath in. Here it comes Adam thought, she's going to run, "What's your name, come on let's get you home."
"I can't tell you my name."
"That's going to make getting an address decidedly more difficult."
"Why aren't you running away from me? I'm hideous."
"Why are you complaining, you need help.  I'm trying to help you. Get up."
Bethany hailed a cab, and Adam gave he driver his address.  The she dropped him off and checked to make sure he was alright one last time.  Then she left Adam alone in his huge house.

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