Sunday, July 3, 2011

Through the mist in the woods....

Two years ago I had the good fortune to travel into the heart of a dangerous forest.  There I found a hideous Beast in a shining castle surrounded by enchanted objects.

I spent two months there.  I made all new friends, my beast transformed into a handsome prince, and I had the best time of my life.

In case you haven't picked up on it, I was in Beauty and the Beast.  It's quite simply my favorite fairy tale.  It means more to me that I think any other story I've visited so far.  Just something about the fact the the feisty heroine wasn't a damsel in distress, she wasn't afraid of this apparent monster and looked past what everyone else saw to find her happy ending.

I'm sharing this because I want you the reader to understand my delay in this photo shoot.  There are things that you find so dear to you that you don't rush the outcome, or disappoint the fan base that has been so supportive to this point. 

The shoot is scheduled for this weekend.  All systems are go as of now.  I hope I haven't put too much build-up out there for myself to compete with. 

Also, just to give you a little bit of eye candy for now here are some pictures from that trip I took into my fairy tale world two years ago. Also you may notice a few familiar faces, while Nick Zaijdel will not be gracing this weekend's shoot he will make an appearance as the beast in these pics.  Another Reconstructing Grimm friends, Bobby Schemeling (Cinderella's Fairy Godmother) was our Cogsworth and Ryan Cappleman (The Scarecrow) was Lumiere.  Enjoy... p.s. these are kind of the Reconstructing Grimm equivalent of high school photos so be kind.
Bobby ( My personal Fairy Godmother)

In the Library 

Ryan Cappleman stealing the show

I did not make this dress...

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