Friday, August 5, 2011

Beauty and the Beast: Part 4

The night of the banquet came quickly.  Adam was more nervous than he'd ever been in his entire life.  It was going to be his first date with Bethany.  Date.  Well, not really a date.  It was more of a hanging out, party crashing thing.  Either way it was a big deal to Adam.  He'd spend all day planning what he was going to say and how he was going to say it.

He was just fixing his outfit in the mirror.  The sun had just lowered beneath the skyline.  There was a light breeze, and then he heard an all too familiar voice.

"Don't you look nice.  Going out?" The Enchantress stood by the window, poised an elegant, "Give me details."  She moved into the room to face Adam.

"No. Now get out."  Adam brushed past the Enchantress toward the door.
"Still a bit prickly are we?  You might want to rethink that, you remember what happened the first time you upset me."
"You're right, I'm sorry.  Get out, please."
"You don't think that she'll ever really love you, do you?"
"What? How do you know about her?"
"Please, you didn't think that I'd stop keeping tabs on you.  Just because you couldn't see me doesn't mean I wasn't there.  This, Bethany, she's sweet but you're nothing more than a charity case to her.  And once she's been paid you know she'll leave you.  Just like your friends, just like your parents."
"That's not true.  She doesn't care... I mean stuff like that..."
"Doesn't matter to her?"  The Enchantress tutted softly, "That's sweet.  It's amazing that for so long you couldn't care less about the good in people and the second it might benefit your life, your needs your counting on it. Let me ask you something.  If the situation was reversed would you be able to look past it."

Adam could say anything thing.  He finally turned to face The Enchantress and she'd gone.

Several hours later Adam was watching the party from his parents grounds.  He couldn't bring himself to call Bethany or meet her when they had designated.  He saw the people laughing and having fun.  Adam hated them, all of them.  He couldn't stay, he just felt angry.  He wanted his old life back.  He wanted to not care, not feel.  Before when he could just gloss over life, things were so much easier.

Adam had just turned to go when he hear the small feet moving in his direction.  He immediately thought the Enchantress had come back to torment him one last time.
"What do you want from me?"  Adam yelled
"I was trying to figure our why you stood me up."  Adam turned around to see Bethany running over the grounds in a stunning gold dress.
"Beth, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to."
"You could've called, I was worried something happened to you. Come on, I bribed a waiter to bring some dinner upstairs."
"Wait you're not mad anymore? Just like that?"
"I get that this must be hard for you.  Seeing your house, your parents.  That's going to bring up some stuff. So what do you want to do?  We can stay, we can go, we can order food to the townhouse and forget this whole idea. "
"Why do you treat me so well?"
"I am not a good person, I'm not a person at all. I'm just this thing, this big horrible thing."
"Stop that, right now.  Come here." Bethany said moving close to Adam.

"You are a good guy Adam Brunswick.  Maybe you weren't always, but why the hell should that matter? You are funny, do you know that? You're a guy that can tell a joke.  You're sweet, you make sure that I don't work too hard and forget to eat dinner.  You are easy to talk to, there are not many people that would listen to me complain for twenty minutes straight about my mother.  I don't know what happened to you, and I don't care. This face that you hate so much, it's changed you for the better."
For the first time since the curse Adam let himself hope that someone really wouldn't care. That it really wouldn't matter.
Adam's words were bubbling up inside him.  He had to tell her how he felt.
"I..." Then his words were interrupted by a a soft ringing.
"Hold that thought." Bethany said while searching through a small clutch bag.

Why does she have her phone? Adam thought.  No one takes their phone to a dinner event.  Do they.
"Okay, alright.  I'll be there in just a second."  Bethany hung up the phone, " I'm sorry that was your father, he needs me to meet some people inside.  I'm sorry.  I'll be like five minutes. Wait here."  Bethany gave Adam a quick hug and ran toward the house.

 Adam followed her to watch from a window.  She was standing in the middle of this beautiful party, with beautiful people.  A place he could never go again.  Even if she did care about him, he was sure it couldn't be love.  The he started to realize, all the time she'd spent with him over the last year, all that wasted time.  She could've been doing so much more with her life.  Adam was holding her back.

Then all at once in a brief second Adam had an idea.  I crazy insane idea that would let Bethany be free of him.  He turned and started back towards his penthouse.  That was the moment that Adam Brunswick decided to end his life.

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