Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beauty and the Beast: Part 5: The End

Adam was surprised how quickly he'd made up his mind.  How easy the decision came to end his life.  In fact he was now almost happy.  There was this feeling of freedom that washed over him.

He picked pills.  It seemed the simplest way.  His mother had been addicted to every imaginable form of prescription medication known to eastern medicine.  In the end he didn't even know what he took, just that it  was large and round and sort of a yellowy green.

After taking the entire bottle Adam walked into the foyer and looked at the city while he waited for the effects to take hold.  He could hear the horns honking in the street and people moving about their business passing him by.  The sounds became fuzzy, then the lights started to grow brighter.  Soon all he could see was a light glow as he fell to the ground.  His breathing was starting to slow, he could feel each heart beat getting further and further apart.

"This wasn't supposed to be the end of the story."  The Enchantress was lying next to Adam on the floor looking him right in the eye.

"'s the only way she'd be happy..."  Adam said through jagged breaths.
"So you want me to believe you're doing this for her?"
"I am."
"It's a noble gesture, if it weren't so misguided and stupid I would almost find it sweet."
"Just... go... away.  I'm finished with all of this."
"I only came because I never thought that a man should be alone in his last few moments.  I thought you'd like the company."
"I don't want to see you."
"I see, well maybe that is something I can help with."

Adam watched as the Enchantress faded away into the lights.  He was finally alone, but no sooner had he thought that than the door opened.  And he saw Bethany walk through the door.  It struck him that it was just like the first day  she'd walked into his house.  Her eyes were still bright and wide, but now they were filled with concern.

"Adam!"  She called.
"Beth..."  He managed to croak out from the floor,.
"Adam! What happened?" She ran to the floor to help him.  "Adam what did you do?"
"I'm letting you go. You can go back to your life now"

"I don't want you to let me go, you idiot.  Did you take something?  We'll fix this, let me just get some help."  She was starting to cry.  The tears were falling down her face.  Adam would give anything to make her stop.  He never wanted to see her hurting like this.
"No don't go.  I don't have much time left."
"Stop that.  You'll be fine."
"You go and be amazing."
"You can't die."  Bethany was sobbing now. Torn between running for help and comforting Adam, " You can't die, because you're my best friend.  I need you here with me.  I love you so much.  Please. Please. Just let me help you."

There it was.  What Adam needed to hear, several hours too late.  What a sad picture sat on the floor of Adam Brunswick's penthouse.  A beast, a monster, lying dead in the arms of the woman who loved him.   The scene had run it's course and now the only sounds heard in the massive halls where that of Bethany's sobs echoing back to her.

As it so happened, this tragedy had an audience.  The Enchantress had stayed and done what she did best.  She had been watching.  And she had seen all she needed to see.

Bethany felt Adam's body start to move.  She looked down at him with as little hope as she could allow herself to have.  Adam's body was radiating light.  It was terrifying and strange and beautiful.  She reached out a hand to touch him as the body lifted gently off the ground.  The light became brighter and brighter until she could only make out the vaguest of shapes.  Then there was a flash and outside the skies began to thunder.

Adam slowly go off the ground.  He couldn't believe he was alive.  He couldn't believe how much his head hurt. He reached up to touch his forehead and it felt smooth, like skin.  He felt his hair and it felt normal as well.  His teeth were no longer fangs.  Adam ran to a mirror and looked at himself, and it was really him.  The creature was gone, he was himself again.

"Adam?" Beth said quietly.
"I'm me again."  Adam walked over and crouched to join Bethany on the floor.  " Beth it's alright, I'm fine.  I don't know how but I'm fine."  Bethany stared at him in shock.  Adam brushed away her tears and she grabbed his hand.
"You're real., you're really real? I'm not dreaming.You're here?"
"No you're not dreaming, I'm here and I'm not going anywhere ever again."

Adam was true to his word.  While they did fight and have other numerous disagreements over the course of  their lives together as all couple do, they never forgot what brought them together and how lucky they were to have found one another.

As for the Enchantress.  She's still watching, still waiting.  So be very, very careful how you lead your life.  Or else...

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