Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reconstructing Grimm: T-Shirt Contest!!!!!

So we're taking a small break in the telling of Beauty and the Beast to throw out an idea Alan and I had yesterday.

I'm calling on all Reconstructing Grimm fans to come up with a slogan for Reconstructing Grimm.  And example that I love but can't use is :

                                                          Reconstructing Grimm
                                              None of the Bibbity Bobbity Bulls@$!

I love this it was submitted by Pete Johnson, however the mouse would crucify us. So here's the deal, come up with a slogan; Alan, Perry and I will vote on the best one.  Then we'll put it on a t-shirt that will be available for sale for a limited time.

So bring them on! I wanna hear from you!

Oh and I do like to include a photo per post so here's another shot from the most recent shoot that's great, but I can't find a place for in the story.  Enjoy.


  1. Reconstructing Grimm
    Not your Grandma's Grimm

  2. Building a better fairy tale
    Re-imagine, Re-create, Re-discover… Reconstructing Grimm
    Fairy tales After Dark
    Shipa and Her Glorious Harem of Men
    You know you want to Lose yourself in our woods
    Fairy tales Re-clawed.
    One girl. Many merry men. Hallelujah sisters!
    Smashing through the looking glass
    Fairy tales that bite, if you want them to

    You never said there was a limit and I play to win.