Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reconstructing... Hamlet?

This last week we did something new for us at Reconstructing Grimm.  We put together a series of photos for this weeks upcoming production of In My Minds Eye by Fools For Tragedy.  The photos serve a few purposes really;  first off it's good way to generate some buzz on the show before opening, secondly it's a nice visual guide for the audience. Sometimes with Shakespeare it becomes a little difficult to remember who is who, so having an idea before hand is a nice touch and it really cuts down on hearing, "Who is that?" "Why are they talking?" "I don't remember what they're doing?" bubbling up from the audience.  And thirdly I am in the show and it's project I thought would be fun to do.

Here comes the shameless plug part of the blog.

In My Minds Eye opens Thursday August 25 and runs August 26 and 27th at 7:30pm.  There is a $10 cash donation suggested, but you can give more or less (all proceeds go to Soulstice Theatre) for more information you can check out the Fools for Tragedy webpage; here.

While Hamlet is not fairy tale it does have many supernatural elements that make it easy to fit into the current Reconstructing Grimm set.  This particular production of Hamlet has six different actors playing Hamlet.

Hamlet: The Body
(Jordan Gwiazdowski)
The physical form of Hamlet or "The Real Hamlet" of the set.  He is the anchor of the group to the world.

The Fool
(Jennifer Gaul)
The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world.

The Mask
(Andrew Parchman)
The one without a face. Shrouded – Hidden. Assumes whatever visage needed.

The King Maker
(Liz Whitford)
The strategist, the schemer. No nonsense.

The Blade
(Amber Smith)
Cold killer. Bloodthirsty. Revenge lives in these eyes.

The Son
(Kelly Doherty)
The problematic symptoms of youth; undying love of mother, reverence of father, temper, confusion, young love, fear.

Then there's Hamlet's Family:
Gertrude; Hamlet's Mother (Laura Holterman)
Claudius; Hamlet's Uncle (Brian Bzdawka)
The Late King of Denmark (Michael Keiley)
and Hamlet

And the friends of the Royal Family of Denmark
Ophelia (Liz Shipe)
Polonius (Robby McGhee)
Laertes (Adam Zastrow)

and here are a few shots to wet your appetites:

It just so happened that night James Clark was free, so we got the opportunity to to a video as well! 

Enjoy, and come see the show.

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