Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ali Baba and the... one thief.

This last Sunday we did the Ali Baba portion of Arabian Nights.  Now this is one of our more high concept shoots.  High concept meaning that I didn't have a big budget or a whole lot of resources so we did the best with what we had to capture the idea of Ali Baba, without actually following the story all that closely. 

This was also one of those Murphy Law shoots, in that everything that could've gone wrong did.  First of all, no one was on time.  For a 7:30am call no one showed up until about 8:00 or so. then things kept going south for a bit. Our Ali Baba: Zach Zembrowski was the first to arrive (besides James Clark who is freakishly punctual.)  Then the first of our thieves arrived, and by first I mean only.  The five other models (who will remain nameless so don't even ask)  didn't show.  They also did not pick up our phones.  Then I couldn't get a hold of Perry.  The day was not going great.  But as soon as Perry showed up I regrouped and started  collecting my thoughts to create a new shot list in my head.  Then we got to work.

I started to get the boys in "make-up" or covering them in dirt.  I am constantly surprised at how little people question the things I tell them to do.  Like, "pretend to love me for a few hours" or "let me cover you in mud" and there is no fight.  Either I know the best men on the planet who are so gentlemanly that they don't question it, or I am really really bossy.  Maybe it's a bit of both.

We did two locations as it was a smaller shoot for the larger faction of the Arabian Nights shoot.  The other two stories are coming soon, I promise.  But the first was the lovely Lake Michigan beach front of Milwaukee.  We got some awesome stuff here.

Then we moved to this super cool bridge over on the east side of Milwaukee to play on this Indiana Jones idea that I had.

That's all for now.  More Ali Baba and Arabian Nights to come!