Monday, April 16, 2012

The Ravens

The Ravens: The Brothers Grimm

In a faraway kingdom, there lives a widowed King with his four children: three princes and one princess. One day, he decides to remarry. He marries a wicked queen who was a witch. Out of spite, the queen turns her three stepsons into ravens.

Slowly, and painfully wings began to sprout from their backs.

 Their eyes grew black as coal and cold as the frozen north.

Finally with the transformation complete the brothers flew away into the black night disappearing in the cloudy starless night.

No longer protected by her brothers, the queen then tries to bewitch their young sister Elise, but Elise's goodness is too strong for this, so she has Elise banished to a far away corner of the kingdom where her brothers watch over her in their raven form.

There, Elise is guided by the spirits of the old ones to gather nettles in graveyards; she knits these into shirts that will eventually help her brothers regain their human shapes. Elise endures painfully blistered hands from nettle stings, and she must also take a vow of silence for the duration of her task, for speaking one word will kill her brothers.  Elise determined to save her brothers sews her mouth closed for fear of betraying them and sets about her task.

Elise had nearly finished her task when she was discovered by the evil queen's personal guard.  The guard looked at Elise and saw her hands and her mouth and accused her strange state as being caused by witchcraft.  Elise was taken back to the castle and put on trial for the dark arts.  The Archbishop was chagrined because he thinks Elisa is herself a witch, but the king will not believe him. One night Elise escapes from her cell, she was out of nettles and was forced to collect more in a nearby church graveyard where the Archbishop was watching. He reported the incident to the king as proof of witchcraft. During her trial the statues of the saints shake their heads in protest, but the Archbishop misinterprets this sign as confirmation of Elise's guilt. She can speak no word in her defense and is sentenced to death by burning at the stake.

The brothers discover Elise's plight and try to speak to the king, but fail. Even as the tumbril bears Elise away to execution, she continues knitting, determined to keep it up to the last moment of her life. This enrages the people, who are on the brink of snatching and destroying the shirts when the ravens descend and rescue Elise.

Then Elise throws the shirts over the ravens, and the brothers return to their human forms.  Elise is now free to speak and tell the truth, but she faints from exhaustion, so her brothers explain.  The King, Archbishop, the brother's sentence the evil queen to the stake and she is punished for her crimes.

Elise's courage prevails, and she is forever reunited with her brothers and her father, the king.

Hope you enjoy the shots from the Ravens as much as we did shooting them.  Leave a comment as to which is your favorite!

-Lady Grimm