Monday, August 20, 2012

Sherlock: The First Table Read

Tonight we had the very first table read with the cast for the script for Sherlock Holmes and a Most Irregular Tea Party

Now I am aware that most of Reconstructing Grimm's readers are theatre folk, but for those you who aren't here is the wikipedia definition of what a table read is.

Table Read: a stage of film, television and theatre production when an organized reading around a table of the screenplay or script by the actors with speaking parts is conducted.

Now here's something to understand about our show.  I have said this from the beginning, I may be the author of this script, but I don't consider myself an author.  Due to that simple fact the Sherlock script is at the moment in a state of flux, meaning that whatever the actors would like to bring to the script in terms of line changes and characterization is than welcome, at least for the next few weeks.

At a certain point, when we have made as many changes as are needed the script will go on lock, which means no more changes, for the sanity of myself and the actors who would go crazy trying to memorize several different versions of the script.

We also invited two very important people to the read, the first was Ginny Jenkins who is helping our with props and small costume items and the very talent Matt Zembrowski.  Matt is creating some original music for our production.  Not all shows have music created, in fact it's not all that common in smaller theatre's at all.  However, Matt was very interested in the project and we're more than happy to have him on the team.

The read went very well in my opinion.  We had a good time, fixed a few things, and laughed a lot.  Here's hoping the rest of the production will chug along as nicely.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Matt to discuss the music, and the rest of this week will be spent on costuming and working with Tom Marks on set design.  

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