Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Producer Diaries

The show countdown has begun. 22 days until opening night. Everyone in the cast is aware of it, but I'm really feeling it.

This is the first big, big project I've ever done and the risk is big. I mean that in the sense that, with the photo shoots, I can put the work out there and forget about it.  People only generally comment on the work if they like it.  With a show, it's entirely different.  There are things critics and tickets sales and all these things that can pile up to show you how successful your show is or isn't.   There is the also the added pressure of costumes to finish, the script needing a final polish, and rehearsals haven't even begun yet.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining. I'm not, really,  I am so lucky to have the cast and creative team that I do.  So few people get a shot like this at age twenty-four, to put on a play that they wrote and retain creative control.  However, part of the goal of this project is to take the audience through the whole process of putting a show together.  To be honest stress and pressure is part of every show I've ever been a part of, and as weird as it sounds that's what makes the theatre so great.  There is the chance that what you're working on might fail, but when it doesn't and when opening night hits all of the headaches and late nights melt away and all you're left with is the fun bit.

Now before I wax too Doogie Howser-ish on this post I'll give you some updates:

Last night the cast met up for a nice dinner.  We sat and talked about the show and characters.  Some nice things were added to the script.  More over we just got to sit and bond a bit.  Now, I know that sounds strange, but in my opinion a cast that can go into a rehearsal process as friends has a much better shot of playing off of each other without having to spend the first three days figuring each other out.

Today I started on the costumes, I have until essentially next week Wednesday to get my stuff together.  So far I have a hat done and right now I'm taking a short break to knock out this post before starting a particularly difficult bustle skirt.

Tomorrow I head off to the Brumder to take a look at the progress on the set.  Sherlock's lab is being constructed in the basement, and I have to go give approval on somethings and drop off a few props.

I think that's all for tonight.  I hope you guys out in cyberland are looking forward to this project as much as I am.  The next post will include a link to the video footage of auditions, then you'll get to see my boys in action.  It's gonna be good.

Night everyone. The game's afoot!

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