Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Strange Case of A Grimm Disappearance

I know, I know, it's been a while here on our end at Reconstructing Grimm.  You may be sitting there asking yourself, why has it taken so long to put together a new shoot?  Why haven't there been any new posts in a while?

The answer is elementary, and it's not that I've forgotten or lost interest.  We at Reconstructing Grimm have decided to move into a slightly larger territory.  So here is my big announcement,  Reconstructing Grimm is doing it's first full scale production.

I've written the script, we've spent the last few months workshopping it, there is a venue booked, we have a date set, and now we're right smack dab in the middle of casting. 

Over the course of the show there will be video blog posts following us on our journey from page to stage.  You'll see everything from the first table read to opening night.  And of course there will be a themed photo shoot for promotional purposes, hey after all that's what we do best.

Here comes the mean part of the blog post, as of now, with casting still being up in the air I am not revealing what the show is at all until we have a cast locked into place.  You won't have to wait much longer I promise, and I've left a few clues in this post that might give you a hint or two.
Hope you are all as excited as I am, and sorry for leaving you hanging for a bit.  I swear the finished result will be well worth it.  Until the next post!

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