Monday, September 17, 2012

Sherlock: Costume Closet: Dr. John Watson

As promised here's the post on John Watson. Now I had thought that this costume was going to be the death of me before the production started, however it was actually probably one of the easiest costumes in the end.

I didn't even do a character sketch of what I wanted for John Watson, because I wasn't 100% sure of what I was really looking for.  Like I said in the last post, we cast all the guys in the show then had the first promotional photo shoot the next day... smart me.  So as a production team we sat down and the wonderful Tom Marks happened to have access to this massive storage space filled with costumes and props from an old theatre company that is no longer working.  We dug around in there and pulled a few things, and then Tom held up this suit:

I didn't even know I was looking for this, and yet it was perfect.  It was a nice study English tweed, three pieces, which to me always reads militaristic to reflect Watson's past in the army.   We paired it with a tux shirt to get the right look in the collar and Amanda Hull's boyfriend Cole had a deconstructed tie that we slapped on as an ascot. 

The one thing that was not ideal about this suit was the pants.  Everything else (The coat and vest) fit Max quite well, but the pants had been taken in for someone years ago and were taken in like six or seven inches in the waist. For the first photo shoot, I didn't have time to re-sew them so I just cut the seam down the back.  That's right ladies, Max's tush is hanging out the back of those pants in the picture above.  Mmmmmhhhmmmmmm, I know what sells tickets. 

Okay I did fix them for the show to protect his modesty, because while it is a very nice tush that would be fairly distracting.

Here's a shot with the pants fixed:

One of the other things you'll notice missing from this shot, and indeed the show is Watson's walking stick.  This is something we got rid of entirely.  In the books it does state that Dr. John Watson has a war injury, however Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is inconsistent about where that wound is placed.  There are some stories where it is in his leg, and some where the wound is placed in his shoulder.  Since the script was in flux, because I wrote it I asked Max where he would like the injury to be placed.  Max made the decision that to provide himself more mobility he opted for the wound to be placed in the shoulder. That's your fun Sherlock Holmes fact for the day.

I do feel a bit bad, I had promised Max a new cravat and something a bit more steampunky, along the lines of the ladies costumes but this just looked soooooooo perfect. Again. I said it in the last post and it should be repeated, if you find something that is pre-made that fits your idea this well DO NOT GET RID OF IT, there is not pride in that and you will just be causing yourself more headaches down the line trying to recreate it.

So that's it on John Watson.  Next costume closet we'll be taking a look at my costume for The Other Woman.  See you all soon.

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