Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sherlock: Costume Closet: The Other Woman

After about three days of super labor intensive sewing I had Amanda J Hull's costume done.  I stood by took a look at my work, was proud for a moment, then realized with crushing fear that I had yet to make my costume for the show.  So I hopped back to the sewing machine and started all over at square one.

I also didn't do a costume sketch for my pieces because there was simply no time.  I had a pretty clear idea in my head of what I wanted, so i figured I'd just start from there.  I had roughly two days til the photo shoot, no fabric, and no car.  It was like the early days of Grimm again.  I had labor day weekend off work, and by that Monday I had Amanda's costume done, so I woke up incredibly early and jumped on a bus to the closest Joann Fabrics, which is and hour and a half bus ride.  Then I spent an extra two hours in the store arguing with myself over fabric choices.  By the time I finally got home the day was half over and the clock was ticking, photo shoot was happening in 32 hours whether or not I was done.

I started with the jacket.  I knew I wanted a peplum like skirt to the jacket:  Here's what I came up with:

Roommate lovely calls this pose my "I will eat your soul face"  so sorry.  That jacket however almost killed me. I did use a pattern; it was McCalls  6442 if anyone wants to give this look a go.

Now, the problem was money again. Like I said this production didn't have a lot of it.  So I had to find fabrics that would look  more expensive than they were.   Not. Easy.  I ended up finding the fabric for the skirt on sale for $8 a yard.  Still kind of pricey so i only got 3 yards of it, then I bought a very cheap matching cotton fabric for the jacket.  then i used a bit of the skirt fabric on the lapel to tie the look together.  The other issue with that cotton fabric is that it is not stiff at all, I had to line the jacket twice to get the right weight.  Then when it was done I didn't love the look of the sleeves, so I added some pleats and button details.  I also put the black piping around the sleeve cuff and the bottom of the coat to give it more dimension.

After I had finished the jacket it was now 1am, I was exhausted I'd been up since 6am.  I had nothing left and the photo shoot was in 16 hours.  Roommate then started playing "There Can Be Miracles" from The Prince of Egypt yelling "Si Se Puede!!! Yes, it can be done!!!!!"  I started giggling and got back to work.  In about three hours I'd finished the skirt.

 I went to sleep until 9am that next morning then got started on my hat.  It was 7 hours til the photo shoot.  I wasn't going to have time to go through the same process that I had for Amanda's hat.  Then I remembered I hat a really cheap waste paper basket from the Dollar Tree.  The thing was basically made of chicken wire.  I cut the bottom off and covered it in the right fabric, ribbon and flowers with my trusty glue gun.  Then, because the whole thing was made of wire I bent it to fit my head and attached an elastic band.  It only took about two hours.

Finally done I felt really good about the whole look and picked up a really cheap belt at Rainbow to finish the look.

Now that's all in this post for costuming.  We just had our opening weekend and it couldn't have gone better.  The cast was amazing, the audiences were incredible and we still have three more weekends!

We got just an excellent review from Russ Bickerstaff: You can read it here:  Cleverly Precise Sherlock Holmes

We also launched our kickstarted campaign to offset some of the costs of the production, it you liked the show or even if you're still coming but want to support us stop over and donate anything you can:

Thanks for everything!  Hope to see you all at the show!

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