Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sherlock: Costume Closet: Sherlock Holmes

This post will be an excellent example of how sometimes when you're costuming a show you don't get the thing that you pictured in your head, and truthfully in this case that was not a bad thing. 

In the last post I showed you the character sketch of Fanny Norton's costume and the realization was pretty close to the sketch... Now we get to Sherlock Holmes... Here's the sketch:

And here's what we ended up with:

Yeah... that's a little bit different.  Now how does something like this happen?  Well when I sat down to figure out what I wanted the show to look like and feel like, I had decided that I was going to build Sherlock's vest because I thought that Sherlock would have these pieces of clothing that were extraordinary to reflect how he feels about himself.  

Then it so happened that we had to schedule a photo for press purposes that took place literally the day after we cast everyone.  There was no way I was going to have time to sew anything in less than 12 hours, well I might have been able to, but it wouldn't have looked very good.  So we asked the guys: Michael Traynor (Sherlock) and Bryan Quinn (Inspector Lestrade) (More on Bryan in a later post): to bring in things that might suggest the character.  Then those beautiful, wonderful boys showed up with things more perfect than I could've ever made.  With time being as much of an issue as we had if it worked I wasn't going to be crazy enough to throw it away.  The fit was amazing and to be honest what Michael brought in was very similar to the sketch, except in the color scheme, and that was something I was willing to let go.

Here's a shot from the first photo shoot:

 One thing you will notice about the promo shoot is Michael Traynor's hair color switch.  Now I did like Michael's hair in that platinum blond hue, but for Sherlock I wanted him to be more grounded, more natural looking.  So we set up a hair appointment and Michael was good enough to go in and let us change his hair color for the role.

There was one thing I did build for Sherlock's character and that was the goggles pictured in the shot of Sherlock in his lab.  And by built I do mean that I found a pair of goggles and doctored them up a bit.  I don't have a great shot of those goggles on their own, so I guess you'll just have to come see the show to take a closer look.

- I started by gluing on all kinds of gears and cogs that I picked up at a local craft store.
-Then I took some wire and wrapped it around pens to create really tight small springs
-Finally after I had attached all of those pieces I took some metallic finger nail polish and lightly brushed the edges to give the goggles a more metal feel.

I do intend to make Sherlock a nice lab apron that is sort of leathery and earthy, but I might not get time.

Well that's it for this costume closet.  Next time we'll take a look at John Watson!

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