Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rapunzel: Part 1

Once upon a time...

There was a woman that lived in a small shack all by herself.  She was a simple woman, who practiced the art of healing with herbs and potions.  She wanted nothing more than to help people, but because her strange ways and solitary life people shunned her.  Over time she grew twisted and filled with anger, and became nothing more than The Witch the towns people thought she was.  The Witch turned her back on the people who so hated her.

The only thing she wanted in her small life was someone to love her, without question and without the influence of the outside world.  The Witch knew of a baker and his wife that we're about to have a child.  She waited until the child had been born and was sure of the baby's heath, then the witch stole the baby in the night.

The Witch built a tall tower with her magic and locked the baby girl away, keeping her hidden from the outside world.  The Witch named the little girl, Rapunzel.

Rapunzel grew up into a lovely young woman.  The Witch taught her all kinds of things, how to sing and sew. How to heal with flowers and herbs.  Rapunzel even learned to read the stars to reveal things to come.  Rapunzel loved her mother and she loved her life, but she couldn't help but feel as though she was missing something.  There had to be more to life than her small tower.  However, when she asked about the wide world The Witch would tell Rapunzel horrible stories of robbers and knaves and how she should forget about the world because in her tower she was safe.

When Rapunzel was old enough The Witch would leave her alone during the day, and come home at night with supplies.  The only way in or out of the tower was to climb Rapunzel long chestnut hair.  So that was how things were, Rapunzel would watch The Witch leave every morning.  Then in the evening The Witch would stand at the base of the tower and yell, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair!" Then the two would eat their dinner and go to sleep. This was just they way things were.  One very ordinary night while The Witch was sleeping, Rapunzel looked out her tower window and read the stars.  Something new was coming.  Something exciting.

This brings us to The Prince.

The Prince was restless.  He never wanted to be royal, he never wanted anything except to be treated like a normal person.  The Prince would often spend his days walking in the woods far, far past the borders of his kingdom alone where he could think.  Then on a very ordinary day following a very ordinary night he stumbled upon something that would change his life forever.  He heard singing. Sad lonely singing, but more beautiful than any voice he'd ever heard before.  The Prince followed the singing and found a tower he had never seen before. And he had shown up just at the point in the evening when The Witch was returning home for the night.  He heard The Witch yell, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair!  

Then The Prince saw the longest, richest chestnut hair he'd ever seen fall out of the window and pull The Witch into the tower.  He decided to wait the night and see if perhaps he could discover what was in that tower...

Friday, January 25, 2013

The View from a Tower...

Right, so I had a goal at one point to keep the posts coming much more often... If you follow my blog at all you probably realize that really hasn't happened.  My apologies, life gets going and you well you know.

Anyway, guess what?  There is to be a photo shoot.  A good old-fashioned Grimm Fairy Tale photo shoot and it's soon.  Tomorrow in fact.  What are we doing?  I thought it was time to tackle Rapunzel.

I'm very excited about this.  First off we have a new face to Reconstructing Grimm who will be playing the "Prince" role.  Not going to announce it though.

I just finished the dress for this shoot as well, and I really like it.  I realized that one of the things I'd never created was a ballgown.  Beauty and the Beast had  gown, but I'd never made a proper fairytale ball gown and I desperately wanted to.  I also wanted it to look sort of homespun at the same time.  I spent maybe two weeks hitting goodwill every few days and buying up curtain panels that were complimentary to each other and then all of today piecing them together to make the Rapunzel dress. 

I'll explain in better detail when I have a photo to reference, but I also wanted the gown to look as the Rapunzel in my version had no real concept of the world outside, so it's got influences from all different time periods.

The initial idea, was to make the skirt out of wire so it looked like a bird cage, but that would be, heavy/extremely hard to move in so I scrapped that idea for something a bit more practical. 

There was something else that was amazing about today.  I forgot how much I loved just putting together the small things together, like the dress and figuring out how to do the hair.  Sherlock Holmes and A Most Irregular Tea Party was great, I loved every minute of it, but doing that show put me out of commission for Grimm for the better part of seven to nine months.  I forgot how this whole thing started, it was just Perry and I goofing off having fun, and at some point with all the other work, and my drive to make this something bigger with the gallery shows and the video blog, and the magazine submissions I lost sight of that.

I love this series, and I love that my strange little hobby is something that other people enjoy watching and keeping up with.

This is going to be a lot of fun for me, and I think all of you at home will enjoy it as well. Until the next post! Good night dear readers and thank you.