Monday, March 25, 2013

Sherlock Holmes and A Regrettable Engagement

Tonight we start rehearsing the sequel to Sherlock Holmes and A Most Irregular Tea Party. 

I am thrilled and excited to be jumping into some new material.  We've been working on the script for a while now, and the best thing to do at this point it to put it on it's feet.  We did the promotional photo shoot this last Saturday.  This post is mostly about the costuming for Sherlock 2.  Just to give you a little more insight on the process.

You'll notice a new face in the full cast photo.  Fourth from the right is Matthew Ecclestone joining the cast as Professor James Moriarty.  Matt and I have been friends for a long time, he also happens to be just and incredible actor.  He's worked all over the country, he's a stellar musician, and just a funny human being as well.  He fits right into the cast.

Now, I've said it before and I'll  say it again, when it comes to costuming I never give myself enough time.  I had three days this week to get everything prepped and ready to go.  Moriarty's vest was made for the shoot.  Here's a better shot of it.

That vest took me the better part of eight hours to make.  It's completely lined, and I love it. However, because of the rest of his costuming, you're barely able to see it.  So you'll have to take my work for it.  

The other headache of the week was Mrs. Hudson's new dress. 

That dress is comprised of five different types of fabric, three different types of trim.  That dress took me the better part of two days to make, logging 16 hours at the sewing machine a day. I think it looks great and I love it, but I need to start planning better before photo shoots.  I also made a new vest for Dr. John Watson (Max Hultquist), but I don't have a good shot of that yet, so you'll have to take my word for it.  It's incredible.

Sherlock wears the same costume for the photo shoot as he did for Sherlock Holmes and A Most Irregular Tea Party for the simple reason that putting him in his actual show costume would give away spoilers.

 He looks great though.  For Amanda Hull's costume we wanted her character to look a bit more "relaxed" than the first show, or at least as relaxed as Victorian society allows.

The skirt was pulled from my own costume stock, because I live in a world where owning a floor length velvet skirt with fur trim is completely normal.  Then Amanda found the blouse at Goodwill, my favorite store.  I should say both she and I found a ton of blouses at Goodwill and then picked the one we liked. It was kind of an exhausting process.  We put all that together with this great suede belt in a hunter green to give her costume a bit more color.  I also made her a hairpiece for the show, it's not as intensive as the I made for the last show, but if I get off my duff maybe I'll be able to put together an online tutorial for that.  She will also be getting a cape in the next few days that I have yet to make.  It'll just finish up her outfit and give it that last bit of polish.

I actually should get back to working on some costumes for the show.  So more on the show later, and we hope to see you all there!

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