Sherlock Cast and Production Team

Hello Everyone;

As promised here are some promotional photos from the shoot we did for Sherlock.

When we get closer to the show, we'll feature the real costumes and some of the sets and props but for now this is just to get some good buzz rolling for the show.

Let's start with the men of Sherlock Holmes and A Most Irregular Tea Party, as we get closer to the show we'll do a shoot to feature the women:

The shots of the Sherlock, Watson, and Lestrade were taken by Tom Carr.  Perry Heideman wasn't available until later in the day, so we brought him in to do some shots of the production team so that he could get acquainted with The Brumder and the show.

SHERLOCK HOLMES: Michael Traynor

DR. JOHN WATSON: Max Hultquist 


The Boys:




Like I said earlier in the post, Perry Heideman couldn't make it til later, so the shots of the Production Team were taken by Perry, who we all love and were so grateful he could make it to the shoot.

From left to right: Amanda J. Hull, Tom Marks, Liz Shipe

Writer / Director/ Actor: Liz Shipe

Liz Shipe is a Milwaukee-based actress.  Some of her more notable roles include “Belle" In Beauty and the Beast," Chastity" in Neil Haven's Who Killed Santa? “Kate" in In Tandem's Art of Murder, and “The Other Woman" in Pink Banana's Dead Man’s Cellphone.  "Sherlock Holmes" is Liz's fourth collaboration with Milwaukee Entertainment Group and the Brumder Mansion past role in the Murder at the Mansion Serie include Talula Shaw in Speak Easy of Murder and Olivia in Death Speaks Out.

Production Manager/ Associate Producer/ Actor: Amanda J. Hull

Amanda J. Hull graduated with a double major in Acting and Musical Theatre from UWM. She made her Milwaukee debut in Moon over the Brewery at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and is currently a resident actor with the Milwaukee Entertainment Group. Recently she appeared as Wanda in a collaboration between Skylight Opera and Chamber Theatre in The Tavern Keeper’s Daughter. Her past UWM credits include Satan in The Last days of Judas Iscariot, Viola in Twelfth Night and Maria in West Side Story.

Associate Producer, Assistant Director & Actor/Technician Tom Marks

and MORE TO COME!!! 

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