Sherlock Holmes and A Most Irregular Tea Party

So did you guess?

That's right, Reconstructing Grimm is going Victorian. 

Sherlock Holmes and A Most Irregular Tea Party is going to premier at the Historic Brumder Mansion this fall September 21st through October 13th.

Sherlock Holmes is hot right now: there were the Guy Ritchie films that came out in the last few years, both BBC and PBS launched their updated series on the small screen.  Holmes is back in the public eye in a big way.  Milwaukee is also showcasing the pipe and deerstalker cap with productions of The Hound of the Baskervilles by The World's Stage in Delafield later this summer and a kid friendly Sherlock Holmes and the Teacher's Pet at Sunset playhouse; Holmes is popping up everywhere.

So what makes our version stand out?  A couple of things, first of all the location.  The Brumder is a stunning Bed and Breakfast built in 1910 by millionaire publisher George Brumder.

The mansion lends itself to the era and compliments the world that we want to create so well it was almost a no brainer to use the space.

Amazing. Just Amazing.

You couldn't build a more perfect set.  Am I right?

Secondly our version is an interactive evening with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.  The evening is a total immersion into 221B Baker St. as our creative team sees it.  The audience helps Sherlock solve his case in his lab; they will be asked questions, look at evidence, and put the pieces of the puzzle together with Sherlock and Watson. 

Finally; the production is being documented so that you at home can follow us along as we put the show together.  There will be video blogs following us from the casting, to the first table read, through costuming, set design, rehearsals, all the way to opening night. 

So where are we at now?  Well...

We finalized casting just this evening and... I'm not saying a word.  Sorry everyone, cast is staying under wraps for at least a few days.  You might see a face or two from prior shoots and some new faces as well. 

In the next few days we're going to be releasing a few promotional photos of our Sherlock and Watson as well as some nice shots of the artistic team for the show.  We're all excited and ready to work. 

See you all soon!

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